Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is important since the moist environment inside an air conditioning system creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and other microorganisms. Mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi continually pass through the air, which can then grow and prosper on the inside of the heating and ventilation system and associated filters in your home. If your allergies act up when you enter a home or building, it may be the biological growth in the air conditioning. that causes this reaction.

uv chart

Growth on air conditioning coils and some types of filters block air flow causing the air conditioning equipment to operate less efficiently. This not only diminishes system performance, but is also a waste of money because you will have higher electric bills! Persistent bad odors in a home are another problem that can be traced to biological contamination in the HVAC system.


Fortunately, today there is a pretty simple solution to these problems. They can be treated easily and automatically with ultraviolet light air disinfection.

Advantages to UV Lights:

• Purify 24 Hours a Day

• Help Keep Coils Clean

• Germicidal

• Attack Air-born Organisms

• Ozone Free

• Odor Free Typically, UV lights cost about $300 to $500 dollars to install, and are well worth the money. If you can afford them, get them! But remember, the bulbs need to be changed out yearly, which will basically run you just over $100.

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