If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system, let me help by offering you my advice and industry knowledge. My name is Jason Novak and I can provide you with many simple yet effective tips on how to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when purchasing a new air conditioning system.

This e-book will educate you on:

• Which system is right for you

• How to get the most out of your budget

• Different types of warranties

• Which manufactures are best

• Technical jargon

• How to find the right air conditioning contactor

• Price vs. cost

• Picking the right size system for your home

• Technicians vs. sales people

• Negotiation and choosing

• The importance of SEER ratings:

“Five Way to Save You Money When Purchasing a New Air Conditioning System.”


Only $4.99

• Did your air-conditioning system recently break-down and a service technician who was originally there to fix it tells you that you need a whole new system?

• Is your air conditioning system over 12 years old and starting to rack-up many unfortunate and inconvenient breakdowns?

• Are your electric bills hurting your pocket-book?

• Did an air conditioning sales person recently visit your home and give you only one option with a price that you felt was too high?

• Or, perhaps you are being proactive and simply trying to gain more information and knowledge about what you should be looking for in a new air conditioning system?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then perhaps you should consider my e-book, “Five Way to Save You Money When Purchasing a New Air Conditioning System.”


Only $4.99

I have been working in the air-conditioning industry for over 20 years. Starting at the ripe age of 12 as installation helper during the summers at my families’ air-conditioning business in Boca Raton, Florida, my experience encompasses installation, sales, service, marketing, management and accounting. I hold a Mechanical Contractors License from the state of Florida, and an Unlimited Electrical License also from the state of Florida.

And trust me, while working in the air-conditioning industry in South Florida you see just about everything. One thing I always noticed was consumers not knowing anything about air conditioning AT ALL. Most people just rely on an air conditioning company’s representative’s advice about which system they should choose while at their home.

I recently read a statistic that over 50% of air conditioning purchases are unplanned or unexpected due to breakdown. The equation of lack of air conditioning knowledge and the inconvenience of a hot home equals a huge disaster in the purchasing process. Consumers are unfortunately making hasty and uninformed decisions on one of the most expensive and long-lasting appliances in their homes!

This is exactly my motivation for writing this e-book. I want to see informed customers making smart decisions on air conditioning system purchases.

By downloading my e-book, and following the advice, you should be able to purchase the right system for you at the right price!

Only $4.99